TFL Donations Needed

Donations have ensured the TFL Network a place on the Internet with our web hosting provider, KnownHost, but funds are quickly dwindling, and we really need some help.

We have just enough to pay for our server bill for the next few months. If you've been considering donating to TFL, now is the time to do it! The donation drive is to ensure that the Senior Staff isn't funding the Network out of our own pockets. We love you guys, we truly do, but we're not made out of money! We've got a couple of options for those of you that are able to help out, with a few perks to say thanks!

At the moment, we offer a variety of "web goodies" for our donators. The donation package for any amount allows private messaging on the board with fellow donators, staff members and Senior Staff. Along with this useful privilege, anyone who makes a $20 or more donation to TFL will receive a zip package of useful web resources: brushes and textures, even wallpapers to decorate your computer and show your support for TFL!

Of course, there is another way to help out TFL. As many of you know, we also have a banner rotation available for you to advertise your fanlistings, collectives, fansites, etc., at $2.50 per month, per banner/site.

As always, we encourage donations both big and small and we appreciate everything that our wonderful visitors have contributed over the years. (However, please keep in mind that Paypal charges us fees, therefore donations LESS than $1 are generally eaten up entirely by those fees.)

We appreciate everything the visitors put into the Network and we are incredibly grateful for your continuing contributions.

TFL Developers Call!

Sadly, we haven't heard from our Developer, Tess, in a very long time (hopefully she's ok!), and TFL desperately needs to have some issues resolved and/or codes, etc., brought up to date.

We are specifically looking for people with some experience in coding and script management. This can either be professionally or personally. Our network is operated solely by volunteers, so unfortunately, we don't have funds available to pay someone, but we would be eternally grateful for the help. If you are willing to help get TFL running smoothly, please email the senior staff at: seniorstaff @
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Fanlisting Adoption: 50 listings in various categories.

wurlocke and I are giving up our fanlisting collective
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<lj user="wurlocke" /> and I are giving up our fanlisting collective <a href=">Too-Manic</a> so all our listings are available for adoption.

If you're interested, please head on over to the The Fanlistings forum and see this <a href="">post</a>
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Fanlistings up for adoption - LAST CALL!

Greetings! As you may guess from the title, I no longer have as much time for running fanlistings as before so some of them will have to go. There are both TFL and TAFL approved ones here, please contact me either by commenting here or by e-mailing to kata.elf(at) if you are interested!
Also, if you offer to adopt one but later realize you don't really have the time/interest to run a fanlisting, PLEASE let me know! I won't be angry, but many times people have said they want to adopt something but then never get back to me or reply to my messages anymore, so it's just much easier for me if you let me know you changed your mind. :)


Azumanga Daioh: Mrs. Kimura

Daiki Sano

Death Note: Raye Penber


Music of: My Neighbor Totoro

Tokyo Godfathers: Gin, Hana & Miyuki (three characters fanlists in one, can adopt one or many)

Yami no Matsuei (Descendants of Darkness): The Bookworld

Yami no Matsuei (Descendants of Darkness): Byakko

If you are interested, please get back to me before SEPTEMBER 9 when I will close the fanlistings that are un-adopted.

(no subject)

A couple years ago there was a program that let you organize all your fanlistings that you joined. It was made by CodeGirl, but since they took it down because there was glitches. I was wondering if there was anything else like that? It would be nice to organize fan listings once we are able to join them again. Thanks ahead of time!
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Getting out of the fanlisting business

Hey guys,

Since I have a lot less time and money to spend on this hobby than I used to, and since I haven't had any legitimate non-spam applications lately, I think I'm going to be getting out of the fanlisting business. I'm half tempted to just close them all, but on the off chance that any of them did still stir some interest for possible adoption, I'm throwing them out here first.

Fanlistings that I own include:Collapse )

I will be sad to see most of these go away, since I strongly suspect most of them won't get adopted, but it's been time for me to move on for a while now and I've just finally admitted it. :-/

I'll be submitting the closed form as soon as the TFL site is back up, but I may go ahead and delete most of the sites if I don't hear from anyone in the next couple of weeks, since otherwise I have to pay for May on the domain. :-/