Camille (maedinn) wrote in fanlistings,

Fanlistings for Adoption

I have been forced to let go most of the fanlistings I handle. Because I can't maintain most of them anymore.

The Fanlistings

Literature, Books:

Literature, Characters



Manga, Relationships

Here are the requirements:

  • You really like the subject matter. I have no exact way of knowing this, but I need to be assured the fanlisting will be in good hands.
  • You must have HTML and graphics experience. Please provide a URL of a site already done.

Once approved...

  • You must have the site up in 4 weeks. This is to maintain accessibility for anyone who wants to join.
  • You will have to do a different layout and not use mine, so users will be able to differentiate.
  • Once done, I can send you the list of the members already joined-- or if you're using a managing script, a copy of the database.

If interested, please contact me at kyameel @ yahoo . com

Deadline for any interested parties is on October 14, 2011. On the event that any of the fanlistings are not adopted, they will be closed.

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