Sarah (luckyspencer7) wrote in fanlistings,

Fanlisting Adoption: songs "Lucky" by Bif Naked and "Twister" by Remy Zero

I unfortunately no longer have the time to dedicate to fanlistings and am putting up two I have for songs up for adoption. I'm not someone who collects a large amount of FLs, so I care about the ones I have and want to make sure they go to a good home.

"Lucky" by Bif Naked currently has 126 members (also 2 affiliates):
"Twister" by Remy Zero currently has 4:

If you take over either of these fanlistings, you will be allowed to reuse anything there (layout, images, codes, etc.) if you like, as long as credit and a link back to my website is given.

If you're interested in either of these fanlistings, please get in touch by email: sarahjadesignsATgmailDOTcom. Let me know why you'd like to take over and send at least one example of another fanlisting or website you designed and built. I answer emails regularly on weekdays, but any exporting and sending of files would have to wait until the weekend as I work full time.

Please feel free to repost this anywhere relevant to the fanlisting community.
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